Hi there! I am John from Victoria, Canada

Would like to improve my understanding of networks. Probably think of myself as an intermediate ( have been around computers a long time) but not focused on networks.
First network course was a TCP course with HP in 1996

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Welcome on board John!

Do you just want to learn on your own or pursue some (Cisco) certificates?


The purpose is really to get more knowledge for my own interests. If that leads to me taking the certification exam later that’s ok. I am at the “sunset” years of my careeer so its not about looking to acquire for career growth. I am actually quite excited that I have eventually decided to spend some time in learning new skills.

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Hi I started the course and was wondering about the format. For the first few modules there was audi/video with course notes. When I got to IP6 there are just notes (no audio/video). Am I missing something or is the course mostly just reading the course notes from the screen?

Hello John,

if the technology interests you then it’s fun just to learn on your own, not having to worry about exams.

About the course format, it depends. When I started Networklessons, I only wrote articles and sometimes recorded videos. Nowadays, I add a video whenever I write something. So for now, you won’t find a video for each lesson…hopefully in the future I can change this and add a video for each and every lesson.


Rene thanks for clarification. I was just making sure that I was not having some technical issue.