Hi there! I am Kamil from the UK

Hello guys I am Kamil from Plymouth in the uk.

I have already passed my CCNA exam and recently failed my CCNP ROUTE attempt by 22 points :frowning:
I want to learn more every day and practice even more … I kind of do it anyway haha.

The main reason why I have joined is to get even deeper knowledge on the topics I know about and learn completely new stuff like IPSec (configuration) or MPLS even if I can not afford CCIE which is very pricey for me hehe (for the job I do at the moment).

The funny story might be that I have passed my CCNA exam as a composite exam with no prior Networking Experience whatsoever moreover I am willing to do the same with CCNP now!! Furthermore I am having some much fun with networking that I was never even expecting to experience.


Hello Kamil,

Welcome on board!

Sorry to hear you failed the ROUTE exam, especially if you got so close. Did you write down the questions you weren’t sure about? If you look those up, I’m sure you’ll pass it next time :sunglasses:


I have written down a few buddy. Was surprised to see some of them out there as according to the blue print I was not expecting them to appear ( though cisco adds its little flavour I believe haha). Moreover I would not even mind to take it again very soon but the financial situation will make me wait up to January.

On the plus side I think that I have found a great lab on DMVPN (with 15 different nodes) using IPSec and was able to set this up between Hub and 3 Spokes including a DNS server, some NAT for DNS and DHCP to assign addresses to all of the ubuntu hosts :slight_smile: Also have used BGP between ISP sites (only two of them in this lab) and used route reflectors rather than the full mesh. I really do enjoy doing labs and I am loving every minute of my education right now and always looking for good sources to learn from.

I have gone to the point where I am not doing any overtime at my current job as I really dislike it and would love to be doing some network configurations instead of delivering letters … I use all of this time for learning now and some family time.

I really believe that your website and lessons will clear things for me even more :slight_smile: By the way do you have any CCNP SWITCH labs buddy ? I actually have 3 x 3560 switches at home and I have used them with GNS3 before and w/o for some super small ROUTE labs :slight_smile:

Another reason why I have signed for your sub buddy is that I need somewhere I could ask question as nobody that I know is able to answer my questions and I think that I am giving them a headache haha.


p.s. Sorry for a moutful …

Hello Kamil

It’s great to hear that you enjoy NetworkLessons and that you are such a fan of networking. It’s great to have you and I look forward to seeing you on the forum!