Hi there! I am Ronald from the Netherlands

I’m Ronald from the Netherlands. I’m a network engineer.

I’m working as network engineer for about 10 years now. Befor I work as a Systemadministrator and also did networking. Because my love is going to networks I did some courses and som exams. I started with CCNA switching & routing, After that I did CCNP switching & Routing. Than I did CCNA Wirelless, CCNA Security and CCNP security. Now I need to do some renew my certifications.

I work for a few companies. Bakker Sliedrecht Electro Industrie (about 500 employees) Allso work for Verhoefemc (about 50 Employees, Bakker-Repair (about 90 employees) and since last year I also work for RH-Marine (about 500 employees.)

Hello Ronald and welcome!

Great to have you with us. Your experience sounds very comprehensive as do your certifications. If you want to re-certify, this is the place to do it, especially now with Cisco’s new certification structure. Looking forward to helping you on your way with your certifications! If you need any help, you can find us on the forum!

I wish you success in all you do!


Hello Ronald,


Having a system administrator background is a good thing. Every now and then, you run into network-related stuff like Linux, Ansible, Docker, VMs, VMWare, etc.

I wish you good luck studying :sunglasses: