Hi there! i am Safsaf, Cameroonian from Algeria

i am Safsaf a Cameroonian living in Algeria, Algiers city, beginner in Cisco but Senior in Telecom Core, 12 years area CS core, PS core (Ericsson ).
Right now working as back-office Operation UDC/IMS (User data consolidation and IP multimedia Subsystem).
decided to extend my knowledge to CISCO R&S , yeah i heard cisco is pretty cool, i am studying for CCNA, i found lesson well organized and complete from network lesson.
my main issue right now is that i have in mind a lot of others vendor commands , and sometime mixing them with cisco in cli LOL, i trust i will be soon a CCIE, let start CCNA

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Welcome Safsaf!

Mixing up commands sounds familiar. This happens with me all the time when I work with Linux for a few days, then switch back to Cisco :grin:

Good luck studying! If you need any help, you know where to find us!