Hi there! I am Steve from Indianapolis, IN USA!

Who are you?
I have yet to figure this out but I can say I am just a dude, trying to play another dude who tries to be cool and geeky.

Where are you?
Sitting at my desk at home in Indianapolis, IN USA.

What stage are you in? Are you a beginner in networking? A veteran studying for a CCIE exam?
I’m veteran or senior level I guess. been CCNP 4 or 5 times now. Thought about going for CCIE but I dont know. Seems like a lot of work for a bunch information I wont use. Bit over kill for someone who isnt a consultant.

What’s your background? Why did you join NetworkLessons.com? Any cool stories to share?
Been in I.T. my whole life. I like geeking, I like learning new things. When I was younger I’d work around the clock but these days I have other interest and hobbies like not working as much. LOL. Gotta enjoy life.

Hello Steve, and welcome to NetworkLessons!

It’s great to have you with us! We hope you find the lessons useful, and if you have any questions, you know where to find us.

Looking forward to seeing you on the forum!


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Hello Steven,


CCIE has its pros and cons. I like the idea that once you get your number, it’s yours forever as long as you renew it. Throughout your entire career, the number is on your CV. It can help.

On the other end, this isn’t the dot-com period anymore where a CCIE R&S would magically open doors. You spend a lot of time learning things that you might never need in real life. In the time it takes to complete one CCIE track, you could do several CCNPs or other certifications. Learn stuff that you can use today.

Whether it’s worth it depends on what you can get out of it. I used to teach official Cisco classroom courses so I liked the idea of having the highest level certification.


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