Hi there! I am William from Paris

(William C) #1

I’m 27 and I’m a network engineer and I want to prepare my CCIE I live near from Paris and I work there. I already got my CCNP (ROUTE / SWITCH / TSHOOT). I hope to share my knowledge and improve them with the others people in the forum :slight_smile:

(Rene Molenaar) #2

Bonjour William,

Welcome on board! Good luck studying for CCIE R&S. How is it going so far?


(William C) #3

Bonjour Rene,

It’s going well, I have a question about the ccie written exam, do your courses on this topic + blank exam are enough to pass it, if doesn’t, what do you suggest to prepare it well ?

Best Regards,

(Rene Molenaar) #4

Bonjour William,

The written course I have covers all topics so it should be enough yes. The only thing I still have to finish is the “evolving technologies” section, I’m working on that right now.