Hi there! I am Windiyam from Colorado, US

Windiyam Aboubek OUEDRAOGO

** From Colorado, US**

Currently studying for a CCIE exam

Network Engineer… Hope NetworkLessons.com will help for CCIE exam

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Welcome Windiyam Aboubek!

Good luck studying, if there is anything you know where to find us.


I’m happy to inform you that i passed the CCIE R&S Written Exam with a good score 917 at first attempt yesterday and at the same time i got a new awesome Job. Thanks for the Great content.


Congrats, please kindly share the resources that you used. Thanks

Congratulations Windiyam!

A pass and a new hire all in the same day! Way to go! On to the next certification, and as always, we’re here to help if you need it!


Good job! That’s great news, congratulations! :sunglasses:

I started my Studies in December 2018. I bought Books from Rene in his GNS3 Vault Website for CCNA R&S, CCNP R, S, T. I worked on them and downloaded many packet tracer labs from different websites. The goal was to master all topics of CCNA and CCNP. I also subscribed on this website on January 2019 and started to read the CCIE R&S Written course. I studied at least 10h/ week. In parallele i did interviews. Those interviews also helped since it’s live knowlege test. I prepared my interviews with this website, cisco websites and youtube videos. Most of the interviews that i did were good. I got some offers that i rejected for not being a dream job or too stressful interview (That’s crazy and risky). At today i have 3 Senior level job Offers paying good: one for Schenectady, NY, Standfort, CT and Dallas, TX. Last offer came on Friday and i passed the exam on saturday. I thank God, the exam was much easier than i thought, 90 questions for 2 hours and i finished in an hour with high score (917). You can see that on my linkedin profile. My next goal is to close the Lab in 6 to 9 months…



This website is very helpful

3 Job Offers and a passed exam the same week. I will have to make a choice in the next couple days after Background Check.

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Great job Windiyam, you worked hard for this and now you see results. With your enthusiasm and the hours you put into it, you’ll beat the lab as well. Excellent work.

@aboumb I just wanted to let you know your journey has inspired me. I know this post is older, and I just came across it while waiting at the airport. It left such an impression I came home and immediately showed my family because sometimes it’s hard to understand unless you’re also doing it. Anyway, thanks for letting us all know about the tools, resources, and the time it takes!

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Sometimes it can be difficult, after all most of us are studying on our own, at home, behind a computer…

It’s difficult to visualize that there’s a whole world of others, doing the exact same thing. A study partner can be great but you have to be lucky to have someone who is around, on the same level, and just as motivated.

For me, it’s awesome to see that people can inspire others here on the forum! :sunglasses: