How to configure IPv6 Redistribution RIPNG OSPFv3

This topic is to discuss the following lesson:

Thanks for the labs. It is very usefull.
I have a suggestion for the last rule in route-map config:
Cryo(config-route-map)#match ipv6 address prefix-list MYPREFIXES (instead of “ONLYTHESE”)

Thanks Brutus, just fixed it!

Do we not need Seed metric while ipv6 redistribution …for RIPNG and EIGRP… i guess OSPF can calculate the cost automatically and will use 20.

A suggestion…

It will be easy to follow if you use router name R1 R2 R3 instead of names.

Hi Suneeth,

I agree, this is one of my older posts. In all my recent posts I use numbers instead of names.



on R2, since the route map is the more specific prefixes to be redistributed, does it need to add the metric option or it will inherit from the command above it?

Hello Samer

You are correct, you do not need to add the metric option with the route map because it is already configured in the command above. If you look at the RIPNG config for R2, you’ll see this:


Since the first command is there with the metric of 1, this is what will be used. It is important to keep this in mind because, by default, it is a metric of 20 that is redistributed from OSPF, a metric that is beyond the maximum of 16 for RIP, so if this was not configured, the destination would be unreachable.

I hope this has been helpful!