How to configure SNMPv3 on Cisco IOS Router

Hello Valerio

Although Observium is used within the lessons, the focus is not on the use of this NMS system, so our aid in this area may be limited. However, doing some research, I have found that it may be possible for a workaround.

You’re correct that you can only add one IP address per device. However, you should be able to add the same device twice, once for each IP address. That way, Observium will see the single device as two entities, one for each of its IP addresses.


  • Add the device using the primary IP address and let Observium discover and poll it.
  • Then, add the same device again but this time use the second IP address.

This will let you monitor both IP addresses. The downside is that Observium will treat these as two separate devices, which may not be ideal for your monitoring needs.

Also, remember to configure SNMP on both IPs on your router. If SNMP is not enabled on the second IP, Observium will not be able to poll it.

As noted in the lesson, Observium has been forked to LibreNMS, and typically it is a better choice, so you may want to try that.

I hope this has been helpful!