How to configure SSH on Cisco IOS

Hello Matt!

The way that you implement your configuration achieves something similar, but not exactly the same as that which Rene has done in his example.

Rene’s example applies SSH on the VTY line. This means that you can connect to the device via SSH from any of its interfaces to the VTY connections. In your configuration, you are binding the ssh configuration only to the management interface. This of course is a legitamite configuration assuming you only apply out of band management, and if it works for you that’s great.

Also, in your configuration the ip http secure-server is not necessary for the ssh portion of the connectivity that you provide as this allows HTTPS, that is, port 443.

As for a command that allows you to view the crypto key, take a look at these two commands:

show crypto key mypubkey rsa
show crypto key pubkey-chain rsa

You can learn more about them at this Cisco CLI reference guide:

I hope this has been helpful!


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