How to take networking notes

Hello @Eyad ,

Of course, take a look at my repository:

You should clone this repository and open it in Obsidian. You can read the contents of the notes in Gitlab online but it won’t parse any links.

Here are two notes that contain configuration/show commands:

These two notes only cover 1 topic, this way you can easily re-use them in other notes. For example, I added links to these notes in my VLAN overview note:

Here’s an example of how I would create a note on a lab:

Basically, I would add the commands that show how to quickly configure something with links to other notes for more background information. If you do a new lab, that means you create 1 note for the lab and you create multiple notes for the different things you configure. Those notes are “atomic”. They only explain the command(s) but are not tied to a specific lab or scenario.

Does this help?


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