How to take networking notes

Yes. This was very helpful.

  1. Can you please provide one more example of a “Debug” note?
  2. My goal is to build a CCIE Obsidian and become a CCIE. Which way you think is more powerful/effective?

A. Start documenting/studying from CCNA (books, video, lab…etc.) → CCNP (books, video, lab…etc.) → CCIE (books, video, lab…etc.). By doing this way, I will have three major “Obsidian” section, but I will NOT miss any topic and I will have a very good information/knowledge.

B. Or, go strait to CCIE (books, video, lab…etc.), and document all the related topics? By doing it this way I will end up with one major “Obsidian” section that matches the CCIE blue print.

Please provide some guidance to the best way to a accomplish this. This “Obsidian” technique will be very helpful for me since I have an extremely busy daily schedule (7 days a week), but I can dedicate one hour/day (Monday thru Friday), and 2 hours on Sat. and Sun. The total is 9 hours per week.

If I split the schedule into two parts: The first part is studying a new material during the week (1H/day… the total is 5 hours a week), while the second part is reviewing what I have learned from A-Z on Saturday (2hours) and on Sunday (2hours). As the number of learned topic increases every day, how can I review ALL the info within 2 hours on Saturday and 2 hours on Sunday? In other words, how can I review all the switching topics for example (SPT, RSTP, MSTP, Trunk, VLAN, etherchannel, Port security, Inter VLAN…etc.) and routing topics (EIGRP, OBGP, BGP, ACL, Multicast, QOS, …etc.) within two hours on Saturday and two hours on Sunday?

Please think about it and take your time before you respond because your guidance will determine my successful plan/approach. So far, I failed all my plans and I cannot figure out the best way to accomplish this. It would be nice if you can setup a schedule based on 1hour/day and 2hours/Saturday and 2hours/Sunday to accomplish this. Please help me out on this matter and Thanks a millions for your help!