How to take networking notes

Hi Rene, sorry, but I just got the time to see your respond.
I’ll go ahead and give it a shot after a long frustration with my plans. It looks this technique is the one that will work for me :slight_smile:

Just to confirm my understanding that I need to complete step 1 first, and then complete step 2? Or I need to go thru step 1 and while I am studying for example STP, I need to build a lab as a step 2 but perform it ONLY after I completed the entire step 1 topics?

In other words, when you said in 4.2 Linking section “By linking your notes, you build a cluster of knowledge. You might study CCNA today but when you want to study CCNP in the future, you can check your existing notes and see how much knowledge you already have collected.” … How about if I need to add more notes as I am studying now for CCNP? Do I add the new note to the existing Obsidian under CCNA or I need to create a new Obsidian called “CCNP” and create the note under it?

Also, you want me to go through the CCNA and CCNP ENCOR/ENARSI material which is okay with me, however, am I going to end up with ONE main name of the Obsidian (i.e. CCIE), our it would be better to create two separate Obsidians (i.e. CCNA, CCNP)? I think it would be only one that has ALL the topics, but please confirm that?

Note: I am going to update my payment info since I got my new card and my subscription expires tomorrow. You were very helpful. Thanks!