I´m new member from Sweden

My name is Marta from Sweden (originally from Latin America) and works as a network technician in a company that has offices all over the world. I have previously been ccna and ccnp certified but the certificate went out a few years ago because I simply have not had time to take them again. I am new to firewalls and need both basic and in-depth knowledge within Cisco Asa and I really look forward to see what I can learn through this site.

Best Regards

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Hello Marta,

I hope you are doing well! Thank you for joining and sharing some of your experiences with us. Rene is a great teacher I’m sure you will find the content you are after here.


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Hi Marta,
Welcome to the Networklessons…
Here already Rene wrote on Cisco ASA Firewall(7 units are here)hopefully it will help you but if need more you can request to Rene:smiley:bcz you know he is our main person…

and I am sure if you go through the CCNA/CCNP/CCIE topics again then you can get some idea about Rene’s teaching method really its excellent.

We wish you all success in your study…

Thanks & Regards,


Hello Marta,

Welcome on board! You shouldn’t have much issues with the ASA if you are on CCNP R&S level.

The ASA behaves differently than a router but it’s easy to understand if you know your R&S.

If you have any questions, let us know ok? Good luck studying!


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