ICND1&ICND2 exam practise exams do not load properly at browser

(Rytis G) #1

I have an issue. I clicked the green start button on this exam practise page: https://networklessons.com/test/ccna-routing-switching-icnd1-100-105
the page reloads to another similar page but contents of the page never appears on the browser.

I have tried to change a browser from firefox to edge and results are the same on laptop computer. I thought maybe this is an issue with my laptop device but android phone hangs on same phase as laptop.

All pages of ICND1&ICND2 courses works fine except these practise exams.

Any sollutions?

Screenshot of problem:

(Lazaros Agapides) #2

Hello Rytis

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! We will look at it and get it fixed as soon as possible!!

Thanks again!


(Rene Molenaar) #3

Hi Rytis,

It should work again, sorry for the trouble.