ICND2 Practice Test

(Sam H) #1

Hi NetworkLessons Team,

I’ve run through the ICND 2 practice test, and have found a bunch of errors ranging from incorrect questions to incorrectly marked answers. As an example, one question gives the following config:

ip route GigabitEthernet 0/0 
router ospf 100
network area 0
network area 0
network area 0
network area 0
default-information originate

However the topology image specifies this should be routed over Gi0/1, this makes it really confusing to work out what is asked.

Others I can remember is an IP SLA question that shows the correct answer as being dynamic routing protocols when it is acutally STP config (even says this in the answer explanation). These are definitely worth going over, as in it’s current state I don’t really think it’s a fair test example.


(Rene Molenaar) #2

Hi Sam,

Thanks for letting us know. I’ll take a look. We are going through all questions again to see what we need to fix.


(Richard S) #3

Hi Rene,

That same error still exists as the diagram shows G0/1 as the outgoing interface for the default route. No G0/0 interface exists.

There is also question about Etherchannel where both ends were marked as ACTIVE for LACP. According to the lesson, this link would come up fine and in my company network this setup also works successfully. However the answer from the test says it would not function since both ends are trying to actively create the EC and their efforts would be cancelled out. Please could you check this question?

Another question relates to OSPFv3 with IPv6 ACL. The actual correct answer uses the link local IP address - but this was marked as incorrect. The answer marked by the system as correct says OSPFv2 is being used to route packets to the 2001::2/128 network - this would not be possible as we are using IPv6 and even the explanation of the answer confirms only OSPFv3 info is shown.

One question asked about MPLS and enabling it on non customer facing interfaces. The mpls ip command is shown in interface mode and the question asks if additional config is required for ‘an MPLS network to function’. The question seems to be ambiguous as technically the interfaces would also require an IP address too (which isn’t shown in the interface output). The answer feedback also says no IP addresses are required. On it’s own, the mpls ip command only ‘activates MPLS on the interface’ but surely will not make an ‘MPLS network function’ without routing and IP addresses? How would it route the packets with just mpls ip command applied please?

Another question about SDN says the correct answer is that the switches are responsible for feeding the control plane of the SDN controller with info. However this doesn’t correlate with the answer explanation which mentions that the SDN controller is solely responsible for all the control plane and will feed the switch with info.

There was also a question about applying a standard ACL on R2 to either the Fa0/0 interface or the loopback interface to permit traffic to reach the loopback. I chose the Fa0/0 inbound on R2 but this was deemed wrong; the loopback was reported to be the correct place to apply the ACL. However from my understanding and I also checked this on a few routers - the only ACL type option on a loopback is the ‘access-expression’ command. Is this correct?

Please could you confirm and rectify where possible?

Many thanks,


(Lazaros Agapides) #4

Hello Richard

Thanks for pointing these out. We’re in the process of reviewing the exams and rectifying the errors. We appreciate your help!


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(Lazaros Agapides) #5

Hello Richard.

Just so you know, the specific questions that you are referring to have all been fixed. Thanks for pointing them out and helping us out. We’re still going through the rest of the questions to verify their correctness… If you notice any other issues, please feel free to let us know!


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(Richard S) #6

Hi Laz,

Thanks for sorting those out.

If I spot anymore, I will let you guys know.

Thank you for all the good work you guys do here on the site! :slight_smile:


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