Import "start-up" configs for routers in labs

I need some guidance on how to import “beginning GNS3 config” files from embedded link of lab, onto the GNS3 topolgy I’ve created in preparation. Now, if I don’t have, for example, the 3760 image for the 4 HSRP config files, but I have a 3650, can I massage the config for that one in notepad++, correct?..I need some help on how to then load them to the created router. Am I missing a key requirement? Is it best to take the config and open it, and begin doing the config per router manually?


Thanks so much, Bridget.

Hi Bridget,

If you have any pre-built labs then I would suggest to use the same hardware model, it’s a pain to change the GNS3 topology file to change it from one router to another (for example 3760 > 3650). Some routers use different interface numbers (Gi0/1 vs Gi1/1) which makes it a pain to convert topologies. When you use the same hardware model, you can load the topology + config files simultaneously when you load the project.

If you want to use your own router models then I would just copy/paste the configs from the project into your own router consoles…the annoying part is that you’ll have to look for small issues like the different interface numbers.