Introduce yourself

Hi everyone, I am Mint from California. This is my second time to come to this site. The first time was to prepare for CCNP Route exam. Since I had no previous networking experience, It was quite a challenge to prepare for the exam by reading Official Cisco cert guides which by itself is very tedious (more than 1700 pages between CCNA and CCNP). What I found on this site is a well-organized lecture that enables me to grasp important concepts easily. Most of the lectures are focused on very important concepts but often missed while scamming between pages. It helped me pass the route exam and now I am preparing to take the CCNA composite exam. My goal is CCIE and I hope to stay around for a while.

Hello Mint and welcome back!

Great to have you with us. We’re glad to have been part of your certification journey so far, and congratulations on getting CCNP ROUTE under your belt. We wish you success in all you do and we’re looking forward to continuing to help you out on your way to your certification goals.

If you need anything, you know where to find us!


Welcome back Mint!

Good luck studying for CCNA. If you need any help you know where to find us :sunglasses:


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