Introduction of Matt Perry


My name is Matt Perry from Minneapolis, MN. I have worked as an independent consultant in the general IT world for the last decade and am now focusing on networking. I received my CCNA and am now pursuing my CCNP. I am starting out with ENARSI. I love learning new technologies. I have heard great things about NetworkLessons and look forward to the course and learning from others.


Hello Matt,


How come you start with ENARSI instead of ENCOR? There is overlap between the two but since ENCOR is the core exam, that’s what most people start with.


Hi Rene!

Thanks for the welcome. The reason I chose ENARSI before ENCOR is some senior networking people on a discord server I am a member of recommended to do it in that order. I am simply following their recommendation. I intend to pursue both certificates. I know others from that discord server who have followed that same path. Will it hurt me to do ENARSI before ENCOR?

Thanks for bringing up this important point.


Hi Matt,

It’s an interesting option. Normally, I would tell people to do ENCOR first because that’s the core exam. ENARSI is one of the specialization exams.

ENARSI focuses more on the R&S topics, and has less material than ENCOR. I’m guessing that’s why people would recommend it…to focus on the R&S material only and to get it out of the way.

In the end, it won’t matter too much. There is overlap between the two exams. There is no clear separation of topics in the two exams.


Thanks for the information, Rene. I am glad to hear my path will work. I have been reading the OCG and labbing out the technologies. Its fun and exciting to learn! I have heard so much good about NetworkLessons. I am really eager to dive in!


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