Introduction to Cisco NetFlow

(Rene Molenaar) #41

Hi Brian,

I used an Internet connection here just to have some interesting traffic to look at.

In this lesson, I used ntop in the screenshots but nowadays you can try ntopng.

Installing ntopng and making it work with netflow can be a pain. There’s a docker image where someone pre-configured ntopng to accept netflow traffic on UDP 2055. I haven’t tested it (yet) but it’s probably much easier than starting from scratch.


(Samer A) #42


When I’m reading Netflow there is a little bit different steps for configuration in other devices…like

1- Create Flow Record
2- Create Flow Exporter
3- Create Flow Monitoring
4- Lastly apply the flow monitor to the interface

Do you think this is based on which cisco devices? I would like to know which devices using which configuration? can you help me?

Samer Abbas

(Rene Molenaar) #43

Hello Samer,

That order is correct. I also have a picture that has these steps. You can find it in the performance monitor lesson.

They calls this newer “style” of configuration with the flow record, exporter, and monitor “Flexible” netflow so that’s what you should look for.

They call the older CLI commands “traditional netflow”.