Introduction to Redistribution

Hi Sir,

i think i found one more typo error, R2 rip info must be sent to R1.

R2 will redistribute EIGRP routing information into RIP and advertise it to R3.
R2 will redistribute RIP routing information into EIGRP and advertise it to R3.


Hello Subbu

Yes you are correct, that should read β€œand advertise it to R1.” not R3.

I will let @ReneMolenaar know to change it.

Thanks very much!


Thanks for letting me know, just fixed this typo.

Hi Rene,

Would it be correct to say that we should only redistribute between 2 routing protocols in a given network at only 1 router in order to avoid creating loops?

Hi Waleed,

That would prevent routes from looping around but it also means you have a single point of failure. Redistribution on two routers is no problem but you have to understand and deal with potential issues. For example, take a look at route tagging:


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