Introduction to SD-WAN

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I probably will, there is a lot of demand for SD-WAN and I get quite some requests for this.


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I want to implement SD_WAN Laboratory i have notice on normal pc it’s not possible about the memory ecc ecc
I want know how make practises with this technology


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The SD-WAN solution that Cisco uses is Viptela. This is a company that was acquired by Cisco in 2017 and has been rebranded to Cisco SD-WAN. Viptela/Cisco SD-WAN can fully run on a VM and can be emulated within a GNS3 environment. Take a look at this GNS3 thread that discusses how this can be done.

You can get an overview of the operation of Cisco SD-WAN in the related section of this lesson:

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very very thanks for your help

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Hello … any news about explaining SD-WAN with LABs

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Hello Safwan

Because CCNP certifications don’t require anything beyond the theory, there are no labs for SD-WAN in the content. For CCIE Rene is in the process of creating a list of lab equipment and options which will include SD-WAN. You can find out more info about that at the following post:

In other words, SD-WAN labs coming soon… :sunglasses:

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Where is the configuration part

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Take a look at this post:

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I want to know if the course CCIE has all the topics to pass the lab. because i saw in the part Unit 2 (Software Defined Infrastructure), i don’t see the topics for Cisco SD-WAN.

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Hello Edmond

To answer your question, take a look at this post:

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Hi Rene,

I have just two questions for you.

  1. When we can expect that you will ready with SD WAN Viptela LAB Setup and can I practice that LAB?
  2. Can I have one details on good SD WAN Viptela Rack Rental for Practice.

Thank you

Hi Team, from the logs of one of the vEdge, what should have caused the disconnection of this site?
It seems everynight this vEdge was unreachable from the vManage.

Thank You Team

Hello Dan

Without knowing more about the topology and the setup, it looks like the BGP peering has been torn down. Since there is a hold-time expiry with neighbour and then less than a minute later there’s another expiry with neighbour as well… Could there be a network connectivity issue?

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currently logged a ticket with cisco tac for the time being, we have replaced the vedged.
as always, thank you Laz.

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Anyone know of any good resources for this, either free or paid (I might get work client to sponsor).

Looking to get started on these topics which are inside the IE Ent Infrastructure in 2021.


Hello Robert

You can get started on these topics if you take a look at the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure course here on NetworkLessons. In it you will find Unit 2: Software-Defined Infrastructure. There you will see the topics required to be covered for the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure exam.

This is a good starting point for you to get acquainted with these topics. Some include topologies and labs that you can use to gain further understanding and learn about them. As you go through them, if you have any questions, you know where to find us.

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Guys if you want more details on this topic :
You have the following guides available on
Cisco SD-WAN Design Guide
More :
Last but not least you have very good cisco live’s documentation available.


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Hi Team,
I want to know that is this course is designed for the CISCO SD-WAN 300-415 ENSDWI Exam. Can we pass this exan if we go through and practice all the lessons in this part.

Hello Kirshan

No, this course does not cover all of the material necessary for the 300-415 ENSDWI exam. It is an introduction to SD-WAN that is part of the CCNP ENCOR 350-401 course. However, Rene is currently working on an SD-WAN course that covers many of the topics required for the ENSDWI, and that can be found here:

More and more new lessons are being added over the next few weeks, and you can be informed of these if you check back at the New Lessons page below:

Although the full ENSDWI is not yet being covered in full on the site, this course will give you a good foundation and starting point for this certification exam if you choose to tackle it.

I hope this has been helpful!