Introduction to the OSI Model

I do not see any packets matching that filter(http)

Hello Raju

It looks like, instead of using the tcp.tstport==80 you’re using the http filter to filter all HTTP traffic regardless of whether the source or destination port is 80, just like I suggested in my post.

The reason you don’t see any packets matching this filter is because…there aren’t any! If you have tried to generate web traffic by visiting a web site, it is likely that it is the HTTPS protocol that is being used, which uses port 443. Most sites today use HTTPS so you’ll find that unless you specifically visit a site that uses HTTP instead of HTTPS, only then will you see packets matching your filter.

So you can either try filtering using https, or you can try to find a web site that uses only HTTP to see if you get any packets matching then. Does that make sense? Let us know of your results when you get a chance!

I hope this has been helpful!