Introduction to VTP (VLAN Trunking Protocol)


I have few questions:

  1. If the switch used to synced the domain name from a vtp domain server, or manually configured a vtp domain name, then it won’t be override by any other switches that’s configured with a different vtp domain name, regardless of how high the revision # is, correct?

  2. Let’s say i configured two VTP domain A and B within the switching network. A is with revision# 10, B is with revision# 20. I have a switch SW that’s synced to A. If I force delete a switch’s vlan.dat and reboot, it will sync with B after the reboot since it has higher revision# correct? I labbed this thing up, it proves this statement, but just want to double confirm.

  3. Still, if i have two VTP domain A and B. The communicate between the different VTP domain should consider as layer 3 now, correct? I did a test. On switch SW1 joined vtp domain A and has vlan 10,20. SW2 joined vtp domian B and has vlan 10,30.If I configure inter vlan 10 on both SW1 and SW2 with IP address & I’m able to ping each other. Since the vlan database won’t sync between different vtp domains, what is the logic behind this scenario? Would you please shed lights on this problem?

  4. Is there any concerns if there’s vlan overlap between different vtp domains?

Thank you very much,