IPSec VTI Virtual Tunnel Interface

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Hi Rene,
Hopefully, you are fine…Beside study everyday I am checking your new lesson and forum as well, After taken membership i am able to see you are continually adding new lessons in CCIE Routing & Switching Written like:

* IPSec VTI Virtual Tunnel Interface April 2018
* BGP PIC (Prefix Independent Convergence) Core & Edge March 2018
* BGP Multipath load sharing iBGP and eBGP March 2018
* BGP Aggregate AS-SET March 2018
* IPv6 RA Guard March 2018
* IPv6 over MPLS 6PE/6VPE March 2018
* IPv6 DHCPv6 Prefix Delegation February 2018
* Multicast Tunnel RPF Failure February 2018
* Multicast IGMP Proxy February 2018
* Multicast PIM Sparse-Dense Mode January 2018
* Multicast PIM Snooping January 2018

Which is very helpful for us…but i have one question above topics are from CCIEV5 syllabus or u are just preparing slowly slowly of all CCIE content means still the CCIE content is not fully ready ?
Dont get me wrong Rene this is my general question you are our trainer so as student i can ask my trainer :smiley:

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Hi Arindom,

There was a small list of CCIE R&S written topics that I still didn’t have so right now, I’m working on completing those :slight_smile: Just a few more and then the written course is 100% according to the blueprint.


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Hi Rene,
Thanks for replying…
Yes yes sure All the best Rene:+1: we believe your lesson will be best for CCIE technology learning,I will take your CCIE lession as well.but due to some financial problem its not effortable for me to take annual membership but i will continue with monthly membership.

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Isn’t IPSec tunnel mode not supporting multicast?

How does EIGRP establishes neighborship within these routers?

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Hello Ray

It is true that IPsec alone does not support multicast. However, if you want to create an EIGRP neighbourship over IPsec, you must run a GRE tunnel in conjunction with IPsec. GRE supports multicast so this would solve the problem.

Another option is to use an EIGRP static neighbour. This automatically makes EIGRP use only unicast for communication between neighbours.

I hope this has been helpful!


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Thank u Laz! however in this lesson, Rene did not use either GRE tunnel or EIGRP static neighbor?