IPv6 DHCPv6 Guard

Thanks Laz,

You mentioned the “DHCPv6 Feature” as a whole different feature compared to the “DHCPv6 Guard Feature”, and you mentioned that the first one is building the binding table.

I understand that the DHCPv6 Guard is used exactly like port-security which you must configure it on each and every port that should be connected to an end device, otherwise an attacker could spoof DHCPv6 messages.

I also learned that you have IPV6 snooping Feature in the IPv6 Source Guard Lesson but again - you mentioned that “DHCPv6 Feature” and now I wonder if you meant DHCPv6 Guard Feature or if there is actually a DHCPv6 Feature which is default on IPv6 capable switches that builds the binding table using some kind of snoop9ing method?

Thanks you very much!