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Ciao a tutti.

Let me introduce myself, I am Claudio and I am writing from Italy. My CCNA is now obsolete and I want to renew my skills by starting with the LAB published in February “Network Fundamentals Lab 1”.

I wanted to know if the LAB is just a guideline since I can’t manage to modify the hostnames of the routers and switches.

Should I create my own real LAB or use GNS to replicate the indicated configurations?

Grazie in anticipo,
Thanks in advance,

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Hello Claudio,

Welcome! I translated your post to English since I’m afraid almost nobody can read Italian here :sweat_smile:

You’ll need an emulator to run this lab. GNS3, Cisco CML, EVE-NG, Containerlab, anything will do.

This lab was created in CML. I saved the topology with the final configuration here:

If you want the topology but start from scratch, you can remove the configs from that YAML file.

If you want to use GNS3, it’s best to recreate the topology and start with the tasks.


If you’d like to experiment with Rene’s CML lab, you can use the YAML file with the CML DevNet Sandbox:

You can reserve some time to use it for free and import the YAML file directly and start labbing. When you reserve it, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to access it. You just need to set up a VPN and, then, you will be able to access the labs through your browser.

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That is a good idea

Also, we added all labs we ever created in CML/VIRL in a Github repository: