Lessons Discussion: Vpn

Hi all,

I need help in configuring VPN because it is my first time with it.
I have below my network diagram.i’m not sure about what should I do first but what I need to set is this:

  • HSRP
  • PAT
  • GRE
  • ACS

That is what I should figure out how to set it in my router wich will be router B(brunch office) and about router A is for the primary router for our main office. And also I have IP static for the router B. Could you please help me?

kinds regards

Hi Aicha,

We have an example of site-to-site IPsec VPN:

Encrypted GRE tunnel with IPsec

When you are configuring your network, it’s best to work with a “bottom-top” approach:

  1. Start with L2 stuff like VLANs and Trunks
  2. IP addressing
  3. Routing: static routing or routing protocols
  4. Network services: things like NAT/PAT, HSRP/VRRP/GLBP
  5. Add security last...IPsec, authentication, etc.


one more question about the IP static.I don’t know where i will be configure it and if i need 2 IP address for both routers ?

Each interface on a router requires an IP address.

If you are new to networking then it’s probably best to start with the basics, take a look at the CCNA track: