Looking for consultant via remote


Okay, I’m just going to come right out and say it. I’ve been beating my head against the wall for months trying to find a solution to an oddball routing/NAT problem. Incorporated into this issue exists VRFs (lite) with BGP for route leaking, NAT’ted VLANs and Control Plane Policing. The hardware consists of Cisco 7604, NGFW 2130, Cisco 6506 and Cataylst 3950s in a stack configuration.
Simply put, I need some help. That being said, I’m looking to hire a consultant, freelance or otherwise to help get me lined out. Should there be anyone interested, please reply and we can discuss in further detail. I’m flexible and easy to work with and constructive criticism is certainly welcome. Just because it’s kinda working doesn’t mean there isn’t a better solution to achieve the ultimate goal. -Cheers.

Network Lessons: In hopes of not offending or violating any terms of services by asking for outsourced help, please let me know. Your lessons have brought valuable insight thus far but this anomaly has had me chasing my tail. I’d be eager to collaborate with the great folks that make up the Network Lessons.com community. Not to mention, if you’re good at something, then you should be compensated for your efforts.


Hi William,

I don’t mind if you ask for help here like this. What we don’t allow is when someone publicly offers their services to our members.

Btw, did you try upwork.com? That’s a great resource if you need someone for a remote job.