Member introduction

Hello everyone,
My name is Trennis Baker from Virginia, United States.
I am a CCNA certified Network Engineer with the goal of achieving the CCNP Encor before switching to cloud computing.
I found networklessons while I was studying for my CCNA and learned I was able to digest the content better.
I would like to thank NetworkLessons for the recently added EIGRP to OSPF Redistribution lesson.

Hello Trennis and welcome!

Great to have you with us. It looks like you have clear cut goals and a specific certification path in mind, and that’s great. We’re glad to hear that you found the site useful in the past, and we hope that we can continue to help you along in your certification journey. If you need any help along the way, you know where to find us!

Looking forward to seeing you on the forum!


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Hello Trennis,

Welcome onboard!

Having some networking knowledge is useful when you work on cloud computing, especially when you mess with things like AWS VPC, NAT, routing, etc. (the same thing applies to Google Cloud or Azure).


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