Hello Ignacio,

In export-map, when you used it, it make other route-target in configuration statement useless.

That sounds correct, I noticed the same behavior in my MPLS VPN export map example.

In import-maps both the import map and the route target are needed to work properly.

That sounds right too. Even with the import-map, you still see the VPN routes. The import map influences the VPN routes you import into the VRF.

Is there any other way to make this simpler? because I think there is no scalability in adding RT labels more and more.

Hmm I don’t think there is but you probably could do most of the work with the export-maps and regular route-target import commands. For simple sites where you don’t differentiate between the prefixes, you can use a single RT to export everything. Another site can import everything with a single RT.

For sites with multiple prefixes and you want to define who gets to import these prefixes, you must use an export-map to set different RTs per prefix. You can import them with the regular route-target import command.


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