Multicast IGMP Proxy

seems the interface gi0/2 is missing on R3 in diagram.
Please fix.

Hello Manoj

Yes, you are correct, I’ll let Rene know to make the correction…

Thanks for pointing that out!


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Thanks I just fixed this.


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I’m still confused why R1 as IGMP querier? can you try explain more detail about IGMP querier?


Hello Jisooya

In a multicast topology, an IGMP querier exists on every subnet or network segment. In this particular topology, R1 is the IGMP querier for the subnet on which S1 resides. Here there is no choice, since it is the only multicast router in the segment. For the segment between R1 and R2, either R1 or R2 can be elected as the querier. However, as Rene states in the lesson, R1 must be chosen as the querier in order for this IGMP proxy setup to function correctly. From the output of R1 and R2, you can see that R1 is set as the querier for both network segments.

For more about the querier election process take a look at this lesson:

Note that a querier exists only for IGMPv2 and IGMPv3. IGMPv1 does not use this feature.

I hope this has been helpful!