Network Lessons collaborative meeting place

We finally have a virtual meeting place to exchange ideas, help each other grow an remove the haze from topics we may not be quite familiar with in pursuit of our certification goals.

I live in Chicago and have been a network admin since 1998 at the same company. The company was recently sold with 2 more weeks before the doors close. I’ve been studying for CCNA for the last 2 months and will schedule the test for the 1st or 2nd week in September. I have a pretty good grasp of all the topics related to the CCNA but for some reason find Frame Relay to be a bit different than the other protocols. My plan is to incorporate myself as an independent consultant within 2 weeks after my employment here ends as an independent IT consulting company.

Looking forward to participating in growth of the forum and it’s members.

Thanks Rene

Hi Donald,

You are welcome and grats, you are the first to post a message here :slight_smile: I’m still tweaking & tuning the forum a bit. We’ll see how it goes…

If you have any specific frame-relay questions, we now have a frame-relay section in the forum.