New and Studying CCNA

Hello all. I’m finding the lessons to be easy enough to follow and understand and I’m grateful for finding Rene & Network Lessons.

I’m still working out what I ultimately want to do, but I know it’s something in Networking/Server Administration and Project type work. I think I’d really enjoy working in Wireless - specifically in Wireless Design maybe. Another potential field I think I’d enjoy, is something in SDN - which can play into Wireless as well I think.

I’m studying for the CCNA currently and would very much like to sit and pass the exam before the end of 2019. I currently have an MTA: Networking, but that only gets me so far. I think with the CCNA R&S on my belt, I’ll have far more success with finding work in more specialised fields of Networking, rather than the broad support work I’ve been doing for Education and small business over the last 7 years of my IT career.

I just need to find more ways to motivate myself to study and to get enough sleep to be able to study after work on weekdays! Study has never come easy to me, but I fully recognise that I must change my habits if I’m to succeed in IT and enjoy my work.

I work with both recent and not so recent Cisco switches in my job. I also have recently acquired and setup 3x 2800 & 3x 3350 per Rene’s recommendation!

Thanks for reading my lengthly introduction :slight_smile:
I’ll be sure to drop by in the forum with any questions on my path.


Hello Mr Scott

It’s great to have you with us. All of networking is quite interesting and you can find a lot of things that you will enjoy. I think the most important part is to find that aspect of networking that you love most, and when you love something enough, you’re able to make the time and effort to study. Thanks for sharing your experiences, and we look forward to responding to any questions or concerns you may have.

We’re happy to have you with us, and we wish you success in all you do!


Hello Scott,


There is some overlap between the topics you mention so it’s not like you have to pick one over another.

For example, nowadays server administration is all about “infrastructure as code”, devops and kubernetes / containers. We don’t build snowflake / pet servers anymore.

With wireless, you have to learn about R&S, WLCs, APs, and wireless technology in general but you also need to know a bit of server administration when you want to use a RADIUS server and know a bit about end user devices.

When you are familiar with networking and the CLI, you can learn a bit about SDN and a programming language like Python.

Starting with CCNA is a good idea. You need to know the basics before you can learn about any of the other tracks / fields. Studying next to a job can be difficult. After a day of work and dinner, it’s tempting to hit the couch and relax :grin:

To pass CCNA, you’ll have to do quite some reading and do labs. Try to do the easier tasks like watching some videos or a simple lab when you are braindead and do the harder tasks when you have more energy :slight_smile:

Good luck studying! If you have any questions, let us know.