New Member : Andi from Indonesia

Hey Guys,
I’m Andi, living in Bekasi, Indonesia.
I’m currently preparing my CCIE exam, my daily routine is Network Engineer, with few cisco routers.
Joining networklessons because this site usually comes out when I search things about networking from google, so… here I am, new member that do not regret being a member because after skimming this site, it really has great material, and easy to understands.

welcome Andi…

Agreed best ever material with clean explanation.

Hey Ronak,

Cheers mate!
Yea clear explanation and straight to the point, excellent work by Rene!

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Welcome on board Andi! And good luck studying for CCIE, it’s a long (but worthwhile) journey :sunglasses:

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Hey Rene,
Thanks for your kind words
CCIE indeed a long journey.
After struggling to pass the written exam (and yeah… i was sweating at that time :smiley:) suddenly makes me a little nervous about the lab exam and thinking i have to refresh my foundation and finally found your site is the perfect place for refreshing and get more in-depth to many technologies.
Initial plan is to take lab exam on next October in Brussels. Wish me luck! :sunglasses:

Again, thanks for providing us this excellent materials

Hi Andi,

Glad to hear you like my work :+1:t2:

I never liked the written exam…there is a lot of stuff in it that you don’t need for the lab exam so it feels a bit like a distraction studying for it when all you want is to get ready for the lab :smile:

Studying for the lab is also a lot more fun, you’ll be actually labbing and it’s very satisfying when you complete a full configuration or troubleshooting lab for the first time.

Is Brussels the best option for you? That’s quite a trip from Indonesia. I also did the lab there :slight_smile:

Hey Rene,

Yea, it’s easy to move back and forward for each material that i need.
From your video you used INE for workbook, do you only buy the workbook or another big bundle that include rack rentals ? I’d like to start my serious lab next week, so your suggestion on workbook will help me alot :bowing_man:

Choosing Brussels because I have a schedule to visit Amsterdam on October, and many good review saying Brussels test facility is one of the best. The nearest one from here is Hongkong, or Singapore if they provide mobile lab

Hi Andi,

I bought some 2811 routers and 3560 switches back then and cabled everything per the specifications in the INE workbook. I would recommend to use rack rentals though, you want to spend your time labbing, not troubleshooting your lab.


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Hi Rene,

Thanks for your suggestion Rene.
Really Apreciate it.