New Member: Eguavoen Aghedo from UK

Eguavoen is my name but you can refer to me as “Egua” for short. I live in the South East of England, UK.
I have CCNP though it expired 2 years ago when I couldn’t re-certify on time. My work background is Mobile Network Operator and ISP environments as a Network Engineer.
The writings of Rene interest me so much because of its ease of understanding and that is what attracted me here. So, I have joined Network Lessons to seek for advice and guidance from Rene if it worth me starting my Cisco re-certifications all over again or to branch off into new technologies like network virtualisation and security.
Thank you all

Welcome Egua!

If your CCNP expired then you’ll have to do all three exams again. If you are still familiar with most of the topics then it shouldn’t take too long though.

It can also be interesting to try one of the other tracks, especially if you don’t really need R&S (or the CCNP certification) for your job.