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Hello. My name is Carlos. I am a network engineer trying to do CCNA recertification and studying Python for network automation(Novice level).
I have tried different methods and resources to study Networking (books, videos, and subscriptions $$INE) but when I get stuck and Google for answers, it always takes me to NetworkLessons from Rene Molenaar, and it clicked in my mind!!! So, I am here!!! No more waste of time.

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Hello Carlos,


When you are studying for CCNA, I would focus on using the CLI as much as possible. Try to become very familiar with the different configuration, show, and debug commands first.

Studying Python next to CCNA is totally fine but I would focus on understanding the basics of python first:

I cover things like variables, functions, operators, etc. Don’t worry about the network automation part for now.

Once you feel comfortable with basic networking on CCNA level and you feel good about basic python, you could dive into network automation with python. If you try this too soon, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused:)

I wish you good luck with studying! If you have any questions, you know where to find us.


Thanks Mr. Rene, I will follow your advice.
Also, thanks for NetworkLessons, the content is easy to follow, well organized and it goes to the point, also the colors and background on the pages help a lot. (I used INE for a while and the format makes me depressed, I’m not complaining about INE, just sharing my experiences).
I was in trouble trying to understand the result of the command show ip ospf database, the only explanation that helped me was your post "How to read the OSPF Database ‘’. I couldn’t find a better explanation elsewhere. Great job!!!


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Thanks Carlos! I do my best to keep things as simple as possible. Once you understand the basics, you can always dive deeper into a topic later using sources like, RFCs, etc.


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