New Member from London UK

I am Ronak From london UK. I am in deeply love with the rene’s networklessions and finally i bought this membership today. very exited to refresh my networking knowledge with this course. I am ccnp certified but want to make my knowledge & concepts more strong that’s why i am here.
I wanted to became a best network engineer & i am hopping that all members of this forum and rene also help me to became the best.
Thank you rene. Looking forward to start my first lesson now.



Hi Ronak,

Welcome aboard! I’m glad to hear that you like my work :smiley:

Since you are already CCNP and want to improve your skills, I would advise to try and lab as much as you can. When you work through my material you will probably have a feeling “I know this” or sometimes more something like “I am not sure…”.

In the last case, boot up some routers and try the things I explain…use show commands, debug stuff. That’s the best way to get rid of any knowledge gaps you might have. Building stuff and looking at it yourself is the best way to deepen your knowledge.

Good luck!


Thanks alot rene for this supports.
It means alot to me. I will revise my ccna ccnp and than i will finish ccie by the end of this year. that’s my target and i am committed now as i have right material to use so it’s just matter of hard work and consistency & i am getting guidance and supports from your side that’s more that enough.
Thanks alot.

Really enjoying this membership.