New Member joins the Rene Club from USA

Hello Team, this is Adnan Mohammed from USA.

HI Adnan,
Welcome in our Network Lesson…Hope you are doing well …

may we know which part currently you are studying ?

Thanks & Regards,

Hello Adnan,

Welcome on board!


Hi Arindom,

I’m doing great, thanks for asking.
I’m currently studying for my CCIE certifications and want to go over few topics like Multicast, QoS, IPv6.

How about you ?


Thanks Rene.

Any timeline for new courses like [ACI, SD-WAN, etc.]

Hello Adnan

Not sure when Rene will be implementing courses on these topics. However, you can take a look at the following page where members have suggested various new topics to be added to the site. These will most likely take priority.

Let me take the opportunity to welcome you as well to the Networklessons community.

I hope you find it helpful!


Thanks Lazaros. I will look into it.

Hi Adnan,
Sorry for late reply…i am fine hope you are doing good…

Sounds good that you are studying for CCIE…i believe you can get good study material from Rene’s lesson regarding above mentioned topics like (Multicast,Qos,IPv6) really Rene’s all lessons are excellent.

Thanks & Regards,