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Hi. My name is Yvette. I wrote in a question about using wireless in Packet Tracer. I can’t see myself in the Forum though?
I lost my first wonderful i.t. job. I couldn’t stand toe to toe with the guys up there. I hope I get another job like that one. I want a CCNP in routing and switching. I also want to be more confident about what I am doing.

Oh, this is for Mr. Rene. I was here before. I like your videos. I don’t have a new job finalized yet so I think I only want to run for 1 month.


Hello Yvette,

Welcome on board! I just checked your activity but I only see this post. What was your question about?

I believe packet tracer does support some wireless simulation. I think you can run a WLC in it.

Sorry to hear about losing your job but if it’s a toxic environment, best to get out of there before it affects you :slight_smile: You’ll find a better workplace with friendly people.

If you want to use your account for just one month, that’s no problem but keep in mind that auto renewal is enabled by default. You can also cancel it now and it will remain active until the end of your subscription:

If you have any questions about CCNP or anything else, let us know ok?