New Member - Which Lesson First


My name is Simon. I am currently CCNP R+S qualified and looking to get my CCIE in the future.

I joined networklessons to fill a some gaps in my skillset. The first is QoS.

I hope this question is not as Dumb as it sounds but I dont know which lesson to start with?

So went to Courses > Routing & Switching > Quality of Service. All the lessons are at the bottom. There is no advice on which lesson to start with?

Can you please advise.


Hi Simon,
I, too, am making the long journey from CCNP to CCIE. You will discover that QoS is a huge topic domain. As far as the order I would recommend on NetworkLessons, I would do this:
IP Precedence and DSCP Values

The next thing you should do is order the ultimate text book on QoS: End to End QoS There are two editions of this book, be sure to get the newest one (2nd Edition, 2013) because some best practices have changed since it was originally published. Plus, there are additional topic domains, like QoS over DMVPN which didn’t exist with the first publishing.

Thanks Andrew for your reply. Much Appreciated.

Ill get that book ordered this morning. Thanks for the additional advice.