Ospf Graceful restart

Hi Rene,

Could you please explain below topics

  1. Ospf Graceful restart. when and why is it used.
  2. Ospf Throttle Lsa and Ospf Throttle Spf.


Hi Kishor,

Normally when you reset OSPF, it will tear down the neighbor adjacencies which means that your neighbors will no longer use your router as a valid path. With graceful restart, OSPF can inform its neighbors that it’s going to restart. During the graceful restart, neighbors will keep forwarding packets to the OSPF router that will have its OSPF process restarted. The advantage of this is that you don’t need reconvergence only because you restarted OSPF.

Throttling basically means “slowing down”. SPF throttling is a feature that delays the SPF calculation when the network in unstable. LSA throttling slows down the frequency of LSA generation. I’ll cover these two in separate topics.


Hi Rene,

Thanks for overview explanation. But looking forward in detail explanation. please let me know once covered these topics .