I am working on figuring out the best method of network failover links for our remote sites. I have no experience with OSPF but since two of the sites will be routed through different subnets than our “Utility” subnet, it would seem OSPF would work better. If it was all the same subnet, would RSTP work better?

Each site has both a T1 and a wireless link.

I am actually using a combination of cisco switches at our office and mikrotik long distance wireless and low end routers at the sites.

Attached is a basic diagram showing whats in place already. I realize this can get pretty in depth, but just a basic…OSPF or RSTP would generally be better in this situation.


Failover network diagram

Hi Paul,

Spanning-tree is only used on flat LAN networks. For example, a couple of switches with one or more VLANs. We use spanning-tree there to create loop-free L2 topologies.

When you have multiple subnets and some routers, routing is the way to go. Routing protocols like OSPF and EIGRP are also more reliable than RSTP. In new network designs, we try to use as less spanning-tree as possible :slight_smile:

If you want some more details, let us know.