OSPFv3 Prefix Suppression

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Hi Rene, prefix-suppression command is not supported ospf /interface in GNS IOU …Do we need to go with some specific IOS version to support this feature

Hello Vinod

Prefix suppression commands, like any other commands, depend on the IOS being used. Because GNS uses reali IOS files, it should support any feature supported by the IOS in question. Make sure that the version you are using supports the commands you’re looking for.

According to the following link, the prefix-suppression command was untridyced to the IOS from version 12.4(15)T and was integrated into Cisco IOS XE Release 2.6.

The corresponding interface command ip ospf prefix-suppression was also introduced in the same IOS versions.

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I would like to know if:

router ospfv3 1


ipv6 router ospf 1

or maybe only the 2nd option is valid?

it should be equal, if you type “ipv6 router ospf 1” you are also creating ospfv3 process, just with old command, this does not support address families.
However if you type “router ospfv3 1” you can enable prefix suppression for both families, ipv4 and ipv6 at the same time.

router ospfv3 1

In case you want to enable prefix suppression just for ipv6 family you configure it under address-family configuration

router ospfv3 1
 address-family ipv6 unicast

Also configurations on interface is doing the same.

ipv6 ospf prefix-suppression
ospfv3 prefix-suppression      ! enabled for all precesses
ospfv3 1 prefix-suppression    ! enabled for process 1

Implicit interface configuration has priority over explicit configuration done under OSPF process.

Thanks you so much for the explanation , I wasn’t sure about that beacuse I don’t have the necessary equipment to check it by myself