Rapid Spanning-Tree (RSTP)

Hello Irfan

Yes, you’re on the right track, but let’s clarify a bit. The stages you mentioned are part of the RSTP convergence process.

  • Proposal: The root bridge sends a proposal to its directly connected switches indicating that it has a better path to the root. The bridges then stop forwarding data frames and go into a discarding state to prevent loops.
  • Sync: The directly connected switches send a sync message to their directly connected switches to prepare them for the upcoming change in the network topology.
  • Agreement: After receiving the sync message, the directly connected switches send an agreement back to the root bridge. This indicates that they have prepared their directly connected switches for the upcoming change.
  • Forwarding: Once the root bridge receives an agreement from all its directly connected switches, it starts forwarding data frames again. The directly connected switches then repeat this process with their directly connected switches.

So, your understanding is correct, but remember these are not stages but rather processes that happen during RSTP convergence.

I hope this has been helpful!