Redistribution using two route-maps?

Is it possible to use two route-maps with a single redistribution statement? I know it’s probably not. Let me explain what I’m trying to do. In working on the following lab,, one of the requirement is to set up route-tagging. As a result of the two-way multipoint redistribution, I’m also getting equal-cost routing on routers skippy and flipper but in this case this is not desirable to me as it causes sub-optimal routing. My thought was to use route-maps on routers Lassie and Willy to set different metrics to resolve this problem but one of the requirements is to use route tagging. So I have a route-map set up to do route-tagging but I also want to set up route-maps to change the metrics on one of the routers to eliminate the equal-cost load balancing. Seems like in this situation it’s either one or the other. Am I right?

Hi Mike,

You can do both. You can’t use more than one route-map for redistribution but in a single route-map, you can add everything that you need. Try something like this:

router rip
 redistribute eigrp 23 route-map EIGRP_TO_RIP

route-map EIGRP_TO_RIP permit 10
 set metric +10
 set tag 23