Reimage Cisco Firepower to Cisco ASA

HI everybody,

I would like to convert cisco Firepower 1010 for cisco ASA because our ASA was broken and
after that i wuld like to load back the backup (broken asa) from ASDM to new ASA.

Coud everybody help me?

It is very ugrgent :slight_smile:
Thank you very much.

Hello Tivadar

If I understand correctly, you want to reimage a Cisco Firepower 1010 to a Cisco ASA and then load the configuration from your broken ASA to the newly reimaged ASA, correct?

Reimaging between Firewpower and ASA is possible assuming you have a compatible hardware platform and ASA image. Take a look at this Cisco document that contains all of the information you need to reimage:

Once the reimaging is done, you will have a “factory reset” ASA to which you can simply upload the backup config from your old ASA (once again, assuming the ASA version numbers are compatible).

Let us know how you get along and if you need any additional help.

I hope this has been helpful


Thank you for your support.

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HI Lagapides,

How can i move the backup of cisco asa 5512 to Cisco Firepower 1010?
On the Firepower is running asa IOS.

If i make a backup from ASA after that i upload to the Firepower with ASDM.

Is it possible?

or can i upload the asa IOS to the Firepower for that the IOS would be the same?
or is it not important?

What are the conditions?

Thank you for your support.

Hello Tivadar

You cannot simply copy the AS configuration to a Cisco Firepower device. Cisco has provided a Firepower migration tool that allows you to convert the supported ASA configuration to a supported Firepower Threat Defence (FTD) platform. Keep in mind that this automates the migration of supported ASA features and policies. You may have to manually migrate any unsupported features.

Cisco has detailed documentation about this migration tool at the following link:

I hope this has been helpful!


Thank you for your support

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