Route Summarization

Hello Rajan

Thanks for sharing this post, you explain it very well.

Concerning your first explanation dealing with inclusive and exclusive summaries. For a simple summary as that in the post, you could indeed create multiple exclusive summary routes as you have done. For a more complex series of addressing, you may find in practice that it is not so efficient to try to make your summaries exclusive. The benefits of exclusive summaries are often outweighed by the complexity of configuration needed. In most cases, when you create such summaries, you are in control of the IP addressing that takes place too. So if you’re careful with your addressing, you will most often find that creating inclusive summaries is usually preferable. But ultimately, each case should be examined individually to determine what is best.

Concerning your second explanation, that is all correct. However, if you are responding to Rene’s previous post, you will find that he is summarizing at the third octet.

Thanks for the detailed post, and as always, I hope this has been helpful!