Routing thru switch

I’m trying to lab up and config edge routing thru a 3560-CX switch and am having some issues… I’m using a /29 and another /30. The /30 is a P2P, and the /29 is a global subnet for us to use. I’m getting stuck coming back from the edge of the /30, back in…

I ran debug on the router when and it’s sending the back to the right Destination IP, but it’s getting stuck at the 3560-CX…

Router to:
-	Works
-	Fails

3560 To:
-	Works
-	Works   
- source IP	Fails
- source IP	Works

-	Works
-	Works
-	Fails

Gateway of last resort is to network

C is directly connected, Vlan13
C is directly connected, Vlan133
S* [1/0] via

site2_switch(config)#do show run | inc ip route
ip route
ip route 250	 ! - This is for backup internet connection 



Actually in my lab the 3560 switch was replaced with a 3550…


Never Mind - return route on Router wasn’t configured = router didn’t know where to send the ICMP…

Hello Aaron

Great to hear you resolved the problem, and quite quickly too. Thanks for letting us know of your solution!

We’re here for any other questions you may have!