Samit Khan from India

Hello Friends,

I’m Samit Khan from India.
I have total 7 years of experience and just jumped into Networking field, I am in into R & D and need protocol level understanding of the network. I have been into telecom industry and worked on GPON. NGPON2 2G. 3G etc.
I’ve joined this website because it is very simple to understand and provide details of each network protocols.

Thanks and Regards,
Samit Khan

HI Samit,
Welcome in networklessons…
Sounds good you have the knowledge of GPON technology…I worked last 2 yrs in GPON technology… Currently I am working in Core network protocols (like OSPF,MPLS,BGP)

Whatever Rene is here to give us for advance level… Please go through the lesson topic wise which you need then you can realize about Renes teaching guidelines,really it’s excellent.

Thanks & Regards,

Hello Samit,

Welcome on board! I have quite some examples of different networking protocols, including wireshark captures so that should be helpful :slight_smile: